How are people paired on dates?
Participants select the age range and qualities that they are most interested in, and the Queer Speed Dating computer program matches them with the people at the event that are the best fits. We offer built-in preference options including age range, sexual interests, and gender identity, and can also add custom questions.

Does this require an app download?
No. Participants receive text messages with links to screens.

Can I brand the event to my brand?
Yes! Your logo appears on all screens that participants receive so the event is fully branded to your organization.

Is it complicated to run a speed dating?
We keep it simple: we mail you a kit of event supplies and offer your host a free one-hour training in how to run the event using our web-based platform. Or if you’d prefer us to staff the event for you and handle all the details, all you’ll need to do is invite people.

Do people find serious partners through this?
Yes – we’ve even had couples get married after meeting through Queer Speed Dating events!

What is the cost?
We charge per-event or per-head to use the software, depending on the size of your event. Please contact us for details.

Do you run non-dating events?
Yes, we also run business networking and other custom speed dating events.

How do I get started?
Email us to schedule a phone call to talk about your speed dating needs.